HIMIPref™ Release : 2006-09-20

There’s a new release of HIMIPref™ available for download at the usual place.

If you choose to install this upgrade, please, PLEASE remember to back-up your user data prior to re-installation!

This isn’t a very exciting upgrade, frankly – it is only made available to ensure that the Institutional and Administrative versions of the programme are kept synchronized – the major part of the upgrade was to the Administrative version, through which I will be saving a LOT of time in the future due to automation of index preparation.

I believe the only noticable change (for Institutional users) is that when adding a “Returns” column to the Report Summary, the system will no longer naively ask whether you wish all issues to be included in the report … it will simply assume that this is the case.

There is no absolute necessity for Institutional users to install the new version – the old version will continue to work. However, if the prospect of saving a complete mouse-click when looking at performance on the Report Summary is not alluring enough, there’s also the consideration that, in the unlikely event that (i) You find a bug, and (ii) the effect of this bug is different in the two versions, it will be much easier track down the error if we’re all singing from the same hymnbook.

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