Effect of BCE / BC offer on indices

As noted earlier in the post BCE to Make Offer for All BCE / BC Preferred Shares, there is a distinct possibility that a large number of preferred share issues will disappear in a few months’ time:

Indices Affected by BCE / BC Plan
Index Number of Issues Currently Included Number of Included Issues Affected Issues
RatchetRate 2 2 BCE.PR.S, BC.PR.E
FixedFloater 7 6 BC.PR.B, BCE.PR.A, BCE.PR.R, BC.PR.C, BCE.PR.Z, BCE.PR.C

Even if the offers don’t succeed totally, sufficient shares may be taken up and cancelled that any given issue may shrivel away and be eliminated from the index on volume considerations.

Should all current constituents of an index suffer such a fate (so that there are no issues in the HIMIPref™ universe that meet the conditions for inclusion), then performance numbers for each of these two indices will be computed from the “FloatingRate” index.

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