REI.PR.C To Be Redeemed

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust has announced:

that it will exercise its right to redeem all of its 5,980,000 outstanding Cumulative Rate Reset Preferred Trust Units, Series C (the “Series C Units”) on June 30, 2017 at the cash redemption price of $25.00 per Series C Unit, for total redemption proceeds of $149.5 million.

The regular quarterly distribution of $0.29375 per Series C Unit for the quarter ending June 30, 2017 (the “Final Distribution”) will be payable to holders of the Series C Units of record on June 30, 2017. Payment of the redemption proceeds and the Final Distribution will be made to CDS & Co., as sole registered holder, on or prior to June 30, 2017. Payment to beneficial holders will be made through the facilities of CDS & Co. on or about July 4, 2017 in respect of the redemption proceeds and July 6, 2017 in respect of the Final Distribution, respectively.

From and after June 30, 2017, the Series C Units will cease to be entitled to distributions and the only remaining rights of holders of such units will be to receive payment of the cash redemption price.

Beneficial holders who are not directly the registered holder of Series C Units should contact the financial institution, broker or other intermediary through which they hold these units to confirm how they will receive their redemption proceeds. Instructions with respect to receipt of the redemption amount will be set out in the redemption notice to be mailed to the registered holder of the Series C Units shortly. Inquiries should be directed to our Registrar and Transfer Agent, CST Trust Company, at 1-800-387-0825 (or in Toronto 416-682-3860).

REI.PR.C is an interest-bearing FixedReset, 4.70%+318, that commenced trading 2011-11-30 after being announced 2011-11-17. It has been a member of the Scraps subindex throughout its existence due to credit concerns.

The spread is very low for a redeemed issue, particularly since it is paying interest rather than dividends, but the company’s intent to redeem has been clear since the shocking redemption of REI.PR.A, which boosted the price of that share by 50%+ on announcement day. While the CFO made a case that the funding was not cost-effective in current conditions (even when having to redeem at par) no case was ever made as to why a tender offering and Normal Course Issuer Bid was ever pursued.

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