SBC.PR.A : Manager’s Mandate Expands Slightly

Brompton Funds Limited has announced:

that at special meetings of preferred and class A shareholders (“Shareholders”) of Dividend Growth Split Corp. (“DGS”) and Brompton Split Banc Corp. (“SBC”) held today, Shareholders approved special resolutions to implement amendments to update and modernize the investment objectives, investment strategies and investment restrictions of DGS and SBC as well as certain other matters set out in the joint management information circular dated July 27, 2018 (the “Circular”).

For SBC, the changes to the investment objectives, strategy and restrictions are primarily designed to accomplish the following:
i) allow the Manager to rebalance and/or reconstitute the portfolio more frequently than annually, at its discretion, for reasons other than mergers or fundamental corporate actions, so that SBC may respond to security or market developments on a timely basis; and
ii) provide for up to 10% of the portfolio to be invested, from time to time, in global financial companies.

Further information relating to these and other changes are described in more detail in the Circular. These changes are expected to be implemented as soon as reasonably possible.

I do not view this loosening of restrictions as being material.

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