DC.PR.B / DC.PR.D : Small Net Conversion To FloatingReset

Dundee Corporation has announced:

that 651,862 of its Cumulative 5-Year Rate Reset First Preference Shares, Series 2 (“Series 2 Shares”) will be converted, on a one for one basis, into Cumulative Floating Rate First Preference Shares, Series 3 (“Series 3 Shares”) of the Company and 349,755 Series 3 Shares will be converted into Series 2 Shares, in each case effective September 30, 2019. As a result, on September 30, 2019, Dundee will have 3,177,278 Series 2 Shares and 2,022,722 Series 3 Shares issued and outstanding, less any Series 2 Shares and Series 3 Shares purchased by the Company for cancellation pursuant to the previously announced normal course issuer bids.

Holders will again have the opportunity to convert their Series 2 Shares into Series 3 or to convert their Series 3 Shares into Series 2 Shares on September 30, 2024, and every five years thereafter as long as the Series 2 Shares and Series 3 Shares remain outstanding.

So that’s a net conversion of just under 6% from DC.PR.B, the FixedReset, to DC.PR.D, the FloatingReset, leaving DC.PR.B with about 61% of the total.

DC.PR.B is a FixedReset, 5.688%+410, that commenced trading 2009-9-15 with a 6.75% coupon after being announced 2009-8-25. It reset to 5.688% effective 2014-09-30. I made no recommendation regarding conversion. Now, DC.PR.B will reset at 5.284% effective September 30, 2019. I recommended retaining, or converting to, DC.PR.B. It is tracked by HIMIPref™ but is relegated to the Scraps – FixedReset (Discount) subindex on credit concerns.

DC.PR.D is a FloatingReset, +410, that came into existence via a partial conversion from DC.PR.B. It is tracked by HIMIPref™ but relegated to the Scraps – FloatingReset subindex on credit concerns.

3 Responses to “DC.PR.B / DC.PR.D : Small Net Conversion To FloatingReset”

  1. stusclues says:

    Interesting that small fry investor scum are being made to wait for the dividend payment due on September 30th. All that cash required for the tax reassessment no doubt. No sign of dollars enroute to my broker at this time, although my Ds were promptly exchanged for Bs without issue. Just paper after all I guess.

  2. Rod says:

    Funny, I got both my D and B dividends in my RBC acount on September 30. But I never did a swap. Not sure if that would matter. Maybe your broker is at fault.

  3. stusclues says:

    Interesting. The dividend was placed in my account at COB Friday (4th) with a settlement date shown as September 30th. My broker blamed Dundee. The Goodmen at Dundee didn’t reply to my email.

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