MAPF Returns : August 2006

I have been remiss! I haven’t yet bragged about the results of Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund in August.

The fund returned 1.79% in August, after expenses but before fees. In comparison, the BMO-NB 50 returned 0.86% (I use a third party benchmark rather than my own indices, both because my indices are currently still experimental and because I think casual readers may consider external benchmarks more appropriate for my own product).

This makes the 12-month comparison (MAPF after expenses but before fees) to MAPF: +5.92%; Index: +3.64%. There’s lots more information available at the main site. Past performance is not indicative of future results and you can lose money investing in MAPF or any other investment.

Contributers to the success of the fund in August were:

  • BAM.PR.J (a long term holding that is still undervalued, according to me) returned 1.955%
  • RY.PR.B, bought near its July lows, returned 1.6633%
  • PWF.PR.L, bought partially at the issue price (bargain!) and partially on the first day of trading (bargain! just not so good) ended the month up about 2% from the all-in purchase cost

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