MAPF Results : September, 2006

The monthly return for Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund has now been calculated. The unit price is $9.6162 after a third-quarter distribution of $0.050227.

Returns may therefore be calculated as:

Period Ending September 29, 2006 Return (see Note)
Month +1.45%
Quarter +3.51%
Year +5.96%
Two Years (Annualized) +6.52%
Three Years (Annualized) +9.44%
Four Years (Annualized) +14.67%
Five Years (Annualized) +10.47%
MAPF returns are shown after expenses, but before fees.

Note that past performance should not be taken as a guarantee of future performance. You can lose money investing in MAPF or any other investment. 

The nice thing about these returns is that they have been virtually entirely dividends and capital gains, resulting in a generally lower tax rate than for interest for most taxable investors.

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