GWO.PR.E / GWO.PR.X Issuer Bid Update

This has been rather a boring topic to update this year; in my last update I noted that there had been no purchases, unlike the good old days of substantial purchases.

GWO has recently released their Third Quarter Financials and, at last, we see some activity on this front, albeit not much.

In their Statement of Cash Flows, page 10 of the PDF, they have indicated that $1-million was spent to purchase and cancel preferred shares in the third quarter; note 12 to the financials, on page 25 of the PDF, indicates that this represents the cancellation of 40,400 shares of GWO.PR.E (so there’s obviously some rounding of the cash amount!).

Not much, perhaps, but we are reminded on page 24, Note 11(b), of the redemption of GWL.PR.L subsequent to quarter-end, which was worth $50-million.

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