FAL.PR.B Dividend Information

It’s time to complain about Xstrata’s investor relations again!

I’ve previously complained, but I’ve tried again. The following has been sent to HanrĂ© Rossouw of Xstrata’s Investor Relations Department:

Dear Mr. Rossouw,

I am unable to find information regarding the current dividend for Xstrata Cda Ser 3 Pr, trading as FAL.PR.B on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

What is the record and pay date for this dividend?

Is this information somewhere on the xstrata.com website that I’ve missed? If not, are there plans to communicate this information freely to investors in the future?


For the record, the ex-Date is 5/13, record 5/15, pay 6/2, amount $0.2863.

Update 2008-5-8: I have received a reply from Mr. Rossouw:

We “freely communicate” relevant information on the pref shares on the SEDAR website (www.sedar.com)

Attached is the relevant announcement published on 14 March 2008 that details the record and payment dates for the preferred shares.

Hah! Puts me in my place, doesn’t it, especially the quotation of “freely communicate”! He kindly attached a PDF, which I have uploaded.

I have replied:

Thank you for the information; it is most unusual for these public announcements to be performed solely through SEDAR and I neglected to check that source.

Are there any plans to post information of this nature on your website in future, or to disseminate such press releases through agencies that would be picked up by the TSX website (CNX MarketLink & Globeinvestor; see the TSX quotation page http://www.tsx.com/HttpController?GetPage=QuotesLookupPage&DetailedView=DetailedPrices
&QuoteSymbol_1=fal.pr.b )?

I have checked SEDAR and there it is … Xstrata, Press Release, English, March 14.

Update #2, 2008-5-8: He has very kindly responded:

Thanks for the feedback – it might be a good idea to at least put the key preferred share data and the website and point to the SEDAR website for all relevant documents.

Good enough for me! We shall see what happens.

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