AZP.PR.B / AZP.PR.C Conversion Results Known, Maybe

Atlantic Power can’t be bothered to issue a press release or otherwise indicate on their website just what the results of the recent conversion option were, but there is information available on TMXMoney, maybe.

According to the TMX Money page for AZP.PR.C (the FloatingReset), there are 1,661,906 shares outstanding. They are reporting 2,338,094 AZP.PR.B outstanding, which miraculously (considering it’s the Toronto Stock Exchange doing the reporting) adds up to the 4-million EPP.PR.B issued in 2009, which became CZP.PR.B, which became AZP.PR.B.

So that’s a conversion rate of about 42%. In my post just before the decision deadline, I recommended conversion.

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