ALA.PR.A To Reset At 3.38%

I have learned that ALA.PR.A will reset at 3.38%.

ALA.PR.A is a FixedReset with a spread of 266bp over five-year Canadas, which commenced trading August 19, 2010 after being announced August 10, 2010. The original coupon was 5.00%, so the reset rate of 3.38% represents a decline of 32%. Hey, by recent 40%+ standards, that looks good!

Holders have the option to convert into a FloatingReset, and this option must be exercised prior to 5pm, September 15 before vanishing until the next reset date in 2020. Recent market conditions have been highly unfavourable for FloatingResets and it is likely that I will recommend against conversion. However, conditions can change dramatically and rapidly and I will wait until September 10 to make a more formal recommendation.

Note that the September 15 notification date is for notification of the company, and brokers will generally have an internal deadline a day or two prior to this … so if you’re planning to wait until the last minute, contact your broker and find out precisely when the last minute will be!

I complained yesterday about the lack of information made available by the company and sent them an eMail. AltaGas’ Investor Relations department refused to answer my question directly and instead gave me contact information for a third party not employed by AltaGas, expressing the pious hope that he “may be able to assist.”

AltaGas’ Investor Relations department must be the most totally useless public company department on earth.

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