ENB.PR.B : 8% Conversion To FloatingResets

In keeping with its policy of contempt for the preferred shareholders who provide a chunk of its financing, Enbridge has again decided not to publicize events related to its ENB.PR.B issue, its extension, reset and conversion privilege.

Assiduous Readers will recall that ENB.PR.B will reset to 3.415% effective 2017-6-1. It was issued as a 4.00%+240 FixedReset which commenced trading 2011-9-30 after being announced 2011-9-21.

An inquiry to Enbridge Investor Relations elicited the response:

Approximately 1.7 million Series B will be converted into Cs and those Cs will start to trade on the TSX on June 1.

It will be remembered that I recommended against conversion.

Market conditions with respect to FixedReset / FloatingReset equivalency have not changed significantly since my recommendation:

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