New Issue: KML FixedReset, 5.20%+351M520

Kinder Morgan Canada Limited has announced (although not yet on their website):

that it has entered into an agreement with a syndicate of underwriters led by CIBC Capital Markets, Scotiabank, RBC Capital Markets and TD Securities (together, the “Underwriters”) pursuant to which the Underwriters have agreed to purchase from the Company, 8,000,000 cumulative redeemable minimum rate reset preferred shares, Series 3 (the “Series 3 Preferred Shares”) at a price of $25.00 per share for distribution to the public.

The Company has granted to the Underwriters an option, exercisable at any time up to 48 hours prior to the closing of the offering, to purchase up to an additional 2,000,000 Series 3 Preferred Shares at a price of $25.00 per share.

The Company intends to use the proceeds from the offering to indirectly subscribe for preferred units in Kinder Morgan Canada Limited Partnership, which intends to subsequently use such proceeds to, directly or indirectly, finance the development, construction and completion of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and Base Line Terminal project as well as potential future growth opportunities, to repay indebtedness and for general corporate purposes.

The holders of Series 3 Preferred Shares will be entitled to receive fixed cumulative dividends at an annual rate of $1.3000 per share, payable quarterly on the 15th day of February, May, August and November as and when declared by the Board of Directors of the Company, yielding 5.20 percent per annum at the issue price, for the initial fixed rate period to but excluding February 15, 2023 (the “Initial Fixed Rate Period”). The first quarterly dividend payment date is scheduled for February 15, 2018 and is anticipated to be in the amount of $0.22082 per share (assuming closing of the offering on December 15, 2017). The dividend rate will reset on February 15, 2023 and every five years thereafter at a rate equal to the sum of the then five-year Government of Canada bond yield plus 3.51 percent, provided that, in any event, such rate shall not be less than 5.20 percent per annum. The Series 3 Preferred Shares are redeemable by the Company, at its option, on February 15, 2023 and on February 15 of every fifth year thereafter at a price of $25.00 per share plus accrued and unpaid dividends.

The holders of Series 3 Preferred Shares will have the right to convert their shares into cumulative redeemable floating rate preferred shares, Series 4 (the “Series 4 Preferred Shares”), subject to certain conditions, on February 15, 2023 and on February 15 of every fifth year thereafter. The holders of Series 4 Preferred Shares will be entitled to receive quarterly floating rate cumulative dividends, as and when declared by the Board of Directors of the Company, at a rate equal to the sum of the then 90-day Government of Canada treasury bill rate plus 3.51 percent.

Closing of the offering is expected to occur on December 15, 2017, subject to customary closing conditions.

The offering is being made under a prospectus supplement to the base shelf prospectus of the Company dated July 28, 2017 (together, the “Prospectus”). Copies of the Prospectus may be obtained from Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Commerce Court, Toronto, Ontario M5L 1A2, Telephone (416) 980-3096, The Bank of Nova Scotia, Scotia Plaza, 44 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1H1, Telephone: (416) 866-3672, Royal Bank of Canada, 200 Bay Street, 4th Floor, North Tower, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2W7, Telephone (416) 955-7803 and The Toronto-Dominion Bank, Toronto-Dominion Centre, Toronto, Ontario M5K 1A2, Telephone: (416) 308-6963. Investors should read the Prospectus, and the documents incorporated therein by reference, in their entirety, before making an investment decision.

The issue even made the Globe & Mail, presumably because of controversy about the Trans Mountain Pipeline:

Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. is selling $200-million in shares even as the company dials back spending and warns of additional delays to its marquee Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The unit of Houston-based Kinder Morgan Inc. said Wednesday that it is selling eight million preferred units at $25 each in a bought deal to major banks, with proceeds earmarked to help finance the $7.4-billion pipeline expansion to Canada’s West Coast.

The offering comes despite warnings the 590,000-barrel-a-day expansion project could see oil shipments commence nine months later than originally planned. This week, the company said delays could extend beyond September, 2020, further driving up costs.

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