BNA.PR.A, BNA.PR.B : Name Change?

A wise old man once said to me … well, I must not tell a lie. He wasn’t really all that old at the time, and I thought he was a bit of a dork, actually, but it sounds better the first way …. “You can’t be any more efficient than the people you work with!”

And so it is with the name change of BNN Split Corp. I note from the DBRS website that they have noted the name change from BNN Split Corp. to BAM Split Corp. Huh, thinks I, it’a about time they did that. The ticker change from BNN to BAM happened long ago (2005-10-5, to be precise, according to the HIMIPref™ database, which must be right – or, at least, in agreement with the Toronto Stock Exchange – because if I don’t have the right tickers in the system then the prices won’t load).

So I look at the Corporate Web Site and find that this name change is dated November 6, according to the company. I grumble to myself a little, because backdating a month of changes is rather a bother, but to ensure that the longNames and shortNames on the instrumentDataRecords are correct, I check the TSX.

According to the TSX the name is still BNN Split Corp.

I’m going to assume that the Street gets its long names and short names from the TSX for contract and statement purposes and that assumption is enough for me to heave a sigh of relief and not process any changes to the HIMIPref™ database. If it’s good enough for the TSX, it’s good enough for me, that’s my motto!

I’ll keep an eye on the situation and process the name change when required.

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