Fiera Acquires Natixis Investment Managers

This is pretty old at this point and therefore a tad embarrassing to post, but …

Fiera Capital Corporation has announced (on 2019-7-3):

that it completed today the acquisition of all the issued and outstanding shares of Natixis Investment Managers Canada Corp. (“Natixis Corp”), the holding company of Natixis Investment Managers Canada LP (“Natixis LP”), acting as investment fund manager of publicly and privately distributed investment funds (the “Natixis Funds”).

Natixis LP is based in Toronto and the value of the assets of the Natixis Funds amount to approximately C$1.8 billion as at March 31, 2019. Natixis LP will continue to operate as a distinct legal entity from Fiera Capital and there are no immediate plans to change Natixis LP’s senior management team, the investment objectives of the Natixis Funds, increase the management fees or operating expenses paid by the Natixis Funds or change the role of Natixis LP as investment fund manager of the Natixis Funds. Natixis Corp, Natixis LP and the Natixis Funds will be rebranded as “Fiera Investments” in conjunction with closing.

The acquisition relates to the long-term strategic partnership between Fiera Capital and Natixis Investment Managers S.A. announced on May 9, 2019, establishing Fiera Capital as Natixis Investment Managers S.A.’s preferred Canadian distribution platform.

There is a document on SEDAR that I am not permitted to link to because the Canadian Securities Administrators believe that public documents shouldn’t be all that public, but it may be found by searching for “Fiera Canadian Preferred Share Class (formerly Natixis Canadian Preferred Share Class) Aug 30 2019 11:52:53 ET Notice PDF 389 K”, to the effect that, among other fund name changes, “Natixis Canadian Preferred Share Class” became “Fiera Canadian Preferred Share Class”.

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