FBS.PR.B Closes; FBS.PR.A Redeemed

5Banc Split Inc. has announced (via CCN Matthews) that its new issue of preferreds, FBS.PR.B, has closed.

14-million shares priced at $10.00 were sold, compared to the initial issue 3.25-million of the old shares, FBS.PR.A, the last of which have been redeemed at $25.00. That’s a nice increase of 72% in initial issue size, so I will speculate that TD Bank, the sponsor, is happy!

The new securityCode for FBS.PR.B is A29001, which replaces the preIssue code of P50008. A reorgDataRecord has been added to the HIMIPref™ database.

A reorg entry has also been put through to reflect the redemption of FBS.PR.A (securityCode A29000) and the instrumentDataRecord changed to reflect the delisting.

More, later. Probably much later, as I don’t think I will be able to update the prices tonight and will have to leave it ’till later in the weekend.

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