February PrefLetter Released!

The February, 2023, edition of PrefLetter has been released and is now available for purchase as the “Previous edition”. Those who subscribe for a full year receive the “Previous edition” as a bonus.

PrefLetter may now be purchased by all Canadian residents.

Until further notice, the “previous” edition will refer to the February, 2023, issue, while the “next” edition will be the March, 2023, issue scheduled to be prepared as of the close March 10, and emailed to subscribers prior to the market-opening on March 13. Prefletter is intended for long term investors seeking issues to buy-and-hold. At least one recommendation from each of the major preferred share sectors is included and discussed.

Note: My verbosity has grown by such leaps and bounds that it is no longer possible to deliver PrefLetter as an eMail attachment – it’s just too big for my software! Instead, I have sent passwords – click on the link in your eMail and your copy will download.

Note: There have been problems lately with corporate eMail protection systems that substitute “safe” links for the links sent in the eMails; the problem being that the “safe” links do not work and an error is generated by my software. To avoid possible problems and delays, please subscribe through an eMail account that is not “protected” by such software.

Note: The PrefLetter website has a Subscriber Download Feature. If you have not received your copy, try it!

Note: PrefLetter eMails sometimes runs afoul of spam filters. If you have not received your copy within fifteen minutes of a release notice such as this one, please double check your (company’s) spam filtering policy and your spam repository – there are some hints in the post Sympatico Spam Filters out of Control. If it’s not there, contact me and I’ll get you your copy … somehow!

Note: There have been scattered complaints regarding inability to open PrefLetter in Acrobat Reader, despite my practice of including myself on the subscription list and immediately checking the copy received. I have had the occasional difficulty reading US Government documents, which I was able to resolve by downloading and installing the latest version of Adobe Reader. Also, note that so far, all complaints have been from users of Yahoo Mail. Try saving it to disk first, before attempting to open it.

Note: There have been other scattered complaints that double-clicking on the links in the “PrefLetter Download” email results in a message that the password has already been used. I have been able to reproduce this problem in my own eMail software … the problem is double-clicking. What happens is the first click opens the link and the second click finds that the password has already been used and refuses to work properly. So the moral of the story is: Don’t be a dick! Single Click!

Note: Assiduous Reader DG informs me:

In case you have any other Apple users: you need to install a free App from the apple store called “FileApp”. It comes with it’s own tutorial and allows you to download and save a PDF file.

However, Assiduous Reader Adrian informs me in the comments to the January 2015 release:

Some nitpicking for DG:
FileApp costs $1.19 in the Apple Store.

But Adrian2 now advises:

Well, as of now, FileApp is free (again?).

2 Responses to “February PrefLetter Released!”

  1. RAV4guy says:

    For the first time since starting my subscription to Prefletter I tried to use the links provided to go to the source. I find some of them are alive and some do not work.

    For example on page 9, links 28, 29, 31 and 33 are alive while the rest are not. Again, in the body of the write-up about DFN.PR.A the first 2 are alive but the third one goes nowhere.

    Is it just me? I am using an iMac with macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7 and looking at the PDF file using Preview.

  2. jiHymas says:

    On page 9, links 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 34 are all active.

    In the write-up regarding DFN.PR.A, the links incorporated directly (rather than being assigned as footnotes) are:
    1 – active
    2- active
    3- active
    4- active
    5- active
    6- active

    … continuing of page 10 …

    7- active
    8- active

    … according to me (Windows 10, Opera browser, PDF opened in Acrobat).

    I wouldn’t want to bet the farm that every single link in PrefLetter is still active, but it looks like I’m OK this time!

    Maybe try copy-pasting the link into your browser address field? I don’t know what to say.

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