BNA.PR.A / BNA.PR.B Dividends Confirmed; BNA.PR.C unconfirmed

According to both Bloomberg & the TSX, dividends for BNA.PR.A and BNA.PR.B have been declared and both these issues are ex-Dividend today, February 20. According to Bloomberg, the declaration date was 12/5; the TSX shows the declaration date as 12/4.

The HIMIPref™ data changes previously announced have been reversed for these two issues.

BNA.PR.C is a little trickier; the prospectus states that the expected record date for the first dividend will be 2/22, which implies an ex-dividend date of today; but neither Bloomberg nor the TSX are showing it.

I have sent an inquiry to the company.

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  1. […] Well … the issue did, after all, go ex-dividend today … but the price didn’t budge. So the pre-tax bid-YTW went from -4.59% yesterday to -21.46% today, based on a bid of $26.30 and a call 2007-3-22 at $25.75. But who knows? Maybe the issue will survive until its hardMaturity 2010-09-30 at $25.00 to have yielded 4.62% … but why BAM Split would allow an issue paying $1.56 to remain outstanding (OK, so they save $0.25 p.a. on that with the declining call premium. It’s still a lot!) when they’ve just proved they can issue with a $1.0875 pay-out is beyond me. […]

  2. […] As previously noted, I’m having difficulties with this dividend! Dividend dates for this issue have been estimated as 2/26, 2/28, 3/7, even though the BNA.PR.A / BNA.PR.B dates are 2/20, 2/22, 3/7. […]

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