New HIMIPref-2005 Release, Dated 2006-08-08

There is a new release available via This is not a major release – it just cleans up a few loose ends with the interface that I hope I’m the only one who’s noticed. There have been no changes on the server-side or in the interfaces, so old versions will continue to work.

 If you download and install it, I implore you to remember to back up your userdatabase prior to the uninstallation of the old version. Those who really hate fiddling with re-installation will also want to back up their “userloc” file … this is in the same directory as the programme itself (probably c:Program FilesHymas Investment Management, IncHIMIPref , but the original installation may have put it elsewhere) and the backup-userloc used to over-write the reinstalled-userloc after installation, but prior to running the programme.

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