CCS.PR.A Dividend Dates Unclear

Huh. The Co-operators are not being co-operative.

Nothing about dividends on their website, TSE shows no data, Bloomberg shows no data.

Last year, the March dividend was declared 2/22, ex-date 3/3, record 3/7, pay 3/31.

But in 2005, the declaration date was 3/3, ex 3/3, record 3/7, pay 3/31.

That is not a misprint. The dividend was declared on the ex-date. Thanks, guys!

I will attempt to contact them. In the meantime, dividend dates have been estimated as 2/28, 3/2 & 3/31.

Update & Bump, 2/27: I have received an automated (?) acknowledgement of my query, but no answer as yet. This time, instead of using the generic service on their website, I have sent an eMail to the TSX-listed contact.

In the interim, the date estimate has been changed to 3/2, 3/6, 3/31.

Update & Bump, 2/28 : No response from the company, but the TSX data service now shows a declaration date of 2/27, ex 3/6, record 3/8, pay 3/31.

HIMIPref™ records have been adjusted.

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