HIMIPref™ Index Rebalancing: June 2009

HIMI Index Changes, June 30, 2009
Issue From To Because
STW.PR.A InterestBearing Scraps Volume
ACO.PR.A Scraps OpRet Volume

CU.PR.B continued its teasing ways, closing at precisely 25.00 bid on June 30 … when the bid is exactly 25.00, I do not move the issue between Premium and Discount, regardless of which direction this might be. Maybe next month!

Sadly, the lack of volume in STW.PR.A (which is due to mature soon anyway) means there are no members of the InterestBearing index.

There were the following intra-month changes:

HIMI Index Changes during June 2009
Issue Action Index Because
MFC.PR.E Add FixedReset New issue
BAM.PR.P Add FixedReset New issue
BMO.PR.P Add FixedReset New issue
NTL.PR.F Delete Scraps Suspended / Delisted
NTL.PR.G Delete Scraps Suspended / Delisted

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