Research: Claymore Preferred Share ETF

I’ve discussed CPD in this blog in the past and I’ve also written a more formal article about it. Now that the July/August edition of Canadian Moneysaver has been published, I can now release this analysis published in their June edition.

Look for the research link!

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  1. […] Well, that’s the worst quarter for the fund since 2Q04. So why am I happy? Let’s have a look at how the Claymore ETF did on the month – regular readers of this blog will be familiar with this fund, which is a useful passive benchmark. […]

  2. […] Claymore has published dividend and NAV data for the CPD Exchange Traded Fund and I have derived the following table: […]

  3. […] after the fund commenced trading, I published an analysis of the portfolio. However, the composition of this fund changes with each rebalancing; there have […]

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