BCE.PR.A / BCE.PR.B Adjusted on HIMIPref™

As noted previously, about half of the BCE.PR.A [fixed/reset] issue outstanding has been converted into BCE.PR.B [ratchet].

These changes have now been reflected on HIMIPref™

The securityCode for BCE.PR.A has been changed from A39007 to A39017 and a reorgDataEntry input to reflect the change of terms.

A preIssue security code for BCE.PR.B has been made effective for the period 2007-8-8 to 2007-8-28; this code is P10001.

BCE.PR.B has been added to the database as of 2007-8-28, security code A39018, and a reorgDataEntry processed to reflect the preIssueSettlement of the issue.

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