October 2008 PrefLetter Released!

The October, 2008, edition of PrefLetter has been released and is now available for purchase as the “Previous edition”.

Until further notice, the “Previous Edition” will refer to the October, 2008, issue, while the “Next Edition” will be the November, 2008, issue, scheduled to be prepared as of the close November 14 and eMailed to subscribers prior to market-opening on November 17.

PrefLetter is intended for long term investors seeking issues to buy-and-hold. At least one recommendation from each of the major preferred share sectors is included and discussed.

Note: PrefLetter, being delivered to clients as a large attachment by eMail, sometimes runs afoul of spam filters. If you have not received your copy within fifteen minutes of a release notice such as this one, please double check your (company’s) spam filtering policy and your spam repository. If it’s not there, contact me and I’ll get you your copy … somehow!

Note: Due to extreme market instability, there will be an update to PrefLetter, prepared as of the close on October 17 and eMailed to clients prior to the opening on October 20. This attachment will be sent to all clients who receive the October issue, either as a separate PDF or appended to the October issue once it is available.

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  3. […] to the October, 2008, edition of PrefLetter has been released. This update was announced with the release of the October, 2008 edition, and was felt to be necessary due to extreme market instability on October […]

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