HIMIPref™ Index Rebalancing: September, 2009

HIMI Index Changes, September 30, 2009
Issue From To Because
GWO.PR.F PerpetualPremium PerpetualDiscount Price
PWF.PR.A FloatingRate Scraps Volume
TD.PR.Q PerpetualPremium PerpetualDiscount Price
PWF.PR.G PerpetualDiscount PerpetualPremium Price

There were the following intra-month changes:

HIMI Index Changes during September 2009
Issue Action Index Because
DC.PR.B Add Scraps New Issue
YPG.PR.C Add Scraps New Issue
BPO.PR.L Add Scraps New Issue

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  1. […] has been moved to the “Scraps” index in the September rebalancing on volume […]

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