PrefLetter 2009 Collection Released

The twelve editions of PrefLetter published in 2009 have now been collected and are available for purchase via

The monthly security recommendations are now merely of historical interest, but some may wish to determine PrefLetter’s track record relative to the various indices.

Of more interest will be the monthly appendices:

  • January: Estimation of “Blended Yield”, FixedReset data, FixedReset spreads to PerpetualDiscounts. (all short notes)
  • February: FixedReset data, Estimation of Perceived Yield (short note)
  • March: FixedReset data, Estimation of Perceived Yield, Importance of Current Yield (short note)
  • April: Valuation of SplitShare Capital Units
  • May: FixedReset Relative Valuation, Errata for April appendix
  • June: FixedResets Break Even Rate Shock
  • July: Convexity of PerpetualDiscounts
  • August: Market Spread Risk and FixedResetPremium Preferred Shares
  • September: Preferred Share Benchmarks and Passive Funds
  • October: Market Timing and the Canadian Preferred Share Market
  • November: The Rise of Alternative Trading Systems (includes essay on Pegged Orders)
  • December: Na├»ve Hedge Funds in the Canadian Preferred Share Market

The price of this collection is $50 + taxes – get yours today! Note that due to its immense size (about 7.5MB), this collection is not eMailed to clients; instead, purchasers are emailed a link/password that enables download of the file. The procedure is:

  • Input eMail address
  • Receive eMail with link to payment screen
  • Select “Collection” and input credit card information (secure server)
  • Receive eMail with download link/password
  • Click link in eMail to download file and save to your hard drive.

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