HIMIPref™ Index Performance : September 2007

Performance of the HIMI Indices for September was:

Total Return, September 2007
Index Performance
Ratchet +1.96%
FixFloat +0.95%
Floater +0.67%
OpRet +0.25%
SplitShare +0.10%
Interest +0.06%
PerpetualPremium -0.93%
PerpetualDiscount -2.61%

As has been discussed elsewhere the Claymore ETF returned -1.23% on the month; this number is after all fees and expenses.

Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund, managed by Hymas Investment Management, returned -0.70% on the month. Returns assume reinvestment of dividends and are reported after expenses but before fees. Past performance is not  a guarantee of future performance. You can lose money investing in Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund or any other fund.

The return of the “BMO Capital Markets 50” in August was -1.35%, but this will not be analyzed in detail due to the proprietary nature of this index.

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