Server Problems Mostly Fixed; PrefLetter Coming Soon

Well it’s been a nightmare, but my month-long server problems appear to be coming to an end.

The problem, I believe, was Plesk, a server maintenance utility that works with Windows. Fixing my eMail did horrible things to all the server’s other functions. I have now moved back to Linux/cPanel; I have much more faith in cPanel as a server utility because it’s a purpose-built programme; my understanding is that Plesk is largely a collection of third-party utilities licensed and gathered under one roof, with the result that not only are things not always in alignment, but that problems tend to bog down in spaghetti code.

But my server now seems to be fixed except for one problem: I can receive eMail, but I can’t currently send it! I hope to have this resolved shortly.

On a related note, PrefLetter for September is now at the typesetter’s office and will be ready soon. The long-overdue August edition will be appended to it – subscribers will be charged for only one issue.

2 Responses to “Server Problems Mostly Fixed; PrefLetter Coming Soon”

  1. BarleyandHops says:

    Glod bless technology as it makes our lives our lives easier.

    Notice the volume on TRI.PR.B? Nice as I suspect this issue to called.

  2. SafetyinNumbers says:


    Why would they TRI call that issue? It seems like very cheap financing although a buyback would make sense.

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