HIMIPref™ Index Rebalancing: May 2009

HIMI Index Changes, May 29, 2009
Issue From To Because
BAM.PR.G Scraps FixFloat Volume
ACO.PR.A OpRet Scraps Volume

I spent the latter part of the month hoping that CU.PR.B was going to make the leap from PerpetualDiscount to PerpetualPremium, but it fell just shy, closing May 29 at 24.90-99, 13×3. Maybe next month!

But on a brighter note, we now have an issue in the FixedFloater index!

There were the following intra-month changes:

HIMI Index Changes during May 2009
Issue Action Index Because
SLF.PR.F Add FixedReset New issue
CCS.PR.D Add Scraps New issue

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