BMO.PR.K Slithers onto Market

This new issue, announced on September 27 initially looked pretty good … but market yields kept increasing and it looked less and less like a good thing as time went on.

The new issue announcement by TD today probably didn’t help a lot either.

Opening day wasn’t very good, but was at least better than the EPP.PR.A, BAM.PR.N and CCS.PR.A opening days of late last spring. 84,620 shares traded in a range of 24.50-70, closing at 24.50-55, 10×32.

As of the close, HIMIPref™ estimates the fair value of this issue to be 24.67. The issue has been entered into the HIMIPref™ database with a securityCode of A40007. A reorgDataEntry has been created to reflect the change from the preIssue code of P25008.

Update: This issue has been added to the PerpetualDiscount Index.

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