SNH.PR.U : Partial Call for Redemption

SNP Health Split Corp. has announced:

that it has called 220,849 Preferred Shares for cash redemption on February 11, 2008 (in accordance with the Company’s Articles) representing approximately 19.162% of the outstanding Preferred Shares as a result of the special annual retraction of 571,698 Capital Shares by the holders thereof. The Preferred Shares shall be redeemed on a pro rata basis, so that each holder of Preferred Shares of record on February 8, 2008 will have approximately 19.162% of their Preferred Shares redeemed. The redemption price for the Preferred Shares will be US$25.00 per share.

Holders of Preferred Shares that are on record for dividends but have been called for redemption will be entitled to receive dividends thereon which have been declared but remain unpaid up to but not including February 11, 2008.

Payment of the amount due to holders of Preferred Shares will be made by the Company on February 11, 2008. From and after February 11, 2008 the holders of Preferred Shares that have been called for redemption will not be entitled to dividends or to exercise any right in respect of such shares except to receive the amount due on redemption.

SNH.PR.U is not tracked by HIMIPref™.

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