BCE.PR.S / BCE.PR.T Conversion Count Announced

BCE has announced that, of the 8-million BCE.PR.S shares currently outstanding, 5,918,209 will be converted to BCE.PR.T on November 1.

BCE.PR.T has commenced trading on the TSX today, quoted at $24.75-25, 5×5, zero volume. This issue will be added to the HIMIPref™ database shortly. As previously noted, the BCE.PR.T will pay $1.1255 per $25 p.v. share. There is an offer for both issues that is conditional upon the BCE / Bell Canada Income Trust Conversion proceeding.

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  1. […] What can I say about this issue that I haven’t already said? The issue still hasn’t traded, despite BCE’s eagerness to get some when-issued trading started … but there will be more than 6-million shares out come November 1, so things should pick up a little! […]

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  3. […] the interim. The annual dividend will be 0.84825 commencing November 1, down dramatically from the issue rate of 1.1255, which will probably cause some […]

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