BMO.PR.M / BMO.PR.R Conversion Results

The Bank of Montreal has announced:

that 5,732,609 of its 12 million Non-Cumulative 5-Year Rate Reset Class B Preferred Shares, Series 16 (the “Preferred Shares Series 16”) will be converted on August 26, 2013, on a one-for-one basis, into Non-Cumulative Floating Rate Class B Preferred Shares, Series 17 of the Bank (the “Preferred Shares Series 17”). As a result, on August 26, 2013, the Bank will have 6,267,391 Preferred Shares Series 16 and 5,732,609 Preferred Shares Series 17 issued and outstanding. The Preferred Shares Series 16 and Preferred Shares Series 17 will be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols BMO.PR.M and BMO.PR.R, respectively.

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