FRBB Publishes 1H10 Research Review

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has released its Research Review, Jan-Jun 2010, with summaries of the following:

  • Public Policy Discussion Papers
    • Person-to-Person Electronic Funds Transfers: Recent Developments and Policy Issues (highlighted February 24)
    • Mobile Payments in the United States at Retail Point of Sale: Current Market and Future Prospects
  • Working Papers
    • Insuring Consumption Using Income-Linked Assets
    • What Explains Differences in Foreclosure Rates? A Response to Piskorski, Seru, and Vig
    • A Short Survey of Network Economics
    • The Asymmetric Effects of Tariffs on Intra-Firm Trade and Offshoring Decisions
    • Public and Private Values
    • Moral Hazard, Peer Monitoring, and Microcredit: Field Experimental Evidence from Paraguay
    • The Sensitivity of Long-Term Interest Rates to Economic News: Comment
    • Wage Setting Patterns and Monetary Policy: International Evidence
  • Public Policy Briefs
    • State Government Budgets and the Recovery Act
    • The Role of Expectations and Output in the Inflation Process: An Empirical Assessment (highlighted June 28)
  • Conferences
    • Oil and the Macroeconomy in a Changing World

Sadly, not much there of relevance to a fixed income portfolio manager. but the first two articles might inform the TTC Presto/Open debate … assuming that any of the participants want an informed debate, which is a bit of a long shot.

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