TXPR Quietly Drops FAL.PR.H

S&P, which announced the results of its semi-annual rebalancing of TXPR last week, has updated its list of constituents (Excel Spreadsheet), “Effective after the close July 18, 2008”

This list does not include FAL.PR.H, which appears to have been included in press release in error (it was redeemed).

I’m not sure when the list – including or excluding FAL.PR.H – was made available. I confess that I was awaiting a formal press release “clarifying” the situation.

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  1. […] I am stunned that S&P has ruled that the NSI issues meet liquidity requirements. Mind you, these are the guys who attemped to add a redeemed issue last time. […]

  2. […] S&P should be revising the TXPR index soon – but I still don’t see any announcement on their index news page. The last revision was announced 2009-1-9, while last summer’s revision was announced 2009-7-11 (which included the addition of a called issue, FAL.PR.H, which was later quietly dropped). […]

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