Data Delay : 2006-11-10

I’ve waited a while, but it’s time for supper! The TSX has not yet made available the closing quotations via my standard pipeline, so HIMIPref™ will not be updated at this time. I’m sure everything will be in order long before Monday’s opening, but will update this post when prices are updated.

No Market Action report until I’ve got my prices!

Mind you, though, SLF.PR.D moved up today, closing at 24.30-33, 24×6, up from 24.09-14 yesterday. A nice move, which although not worthy of a mention in “Major Price Changes”, will be very gratifying to those who bought during the sale. The virtually identical SLF.PR.C (which should be always priced equal-to-slightly-lower in price, according to the Efficient Market Hypowhatsit) closed at $24.51-65, 4×20, on volume of 144,610 shares. RBC crossed 90,000 shares, Nesbitt crossed 50,000. Has it truly become that difficult to buy SLF.PR.D in size? Doesn’t seem reasonable, somehow…

Update, 2006-11-11 : OK, prices are in. It’s not something I normally look at, but I did see that the spread between BBD.PR.B & BBD.PR.D seems a little wide … perhaps that’s something for me to write about next week …

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