Preferred Share Spreadsheets on GoogleDocs: Yield Calculator

I am pleased to announce that the Yield-to-Call Calculator spreadsheet, originally developed by Keith Betty in MS-Excel format, has been reformatted to Google Docs format by Rob Vassov and made available publicly by Hymas Investment Management Inc.

An explanation of the use of the MS-Excel version has been written by James Hymas and republished by Hymas Investment Management Inc.

Please feel free to contact me with any spreadsheets you would like to have published in this manner.

Note that you must copy the spreadsheet to your own Google Docs account in order to use it.

Google Docs Yield-to-Call Calculator

4 Responses to “Preferred Share Spreadsheets on GoogleDocs: Yield Calculator”

  1. Peculiar_Investor says:

    James, two things. Should cells B5 to B8 have formulas similar to B9?

    Even if I fix B5 to =B15 and then try and analyze IAG.PR.F using the values you posted in February 15, 2012, I get ?NAME showing in columns D, E and G. Could you double-check that the version posted is working correctly, or advise this reader how to resolve the ?NAME issue.

  2. jiHymas says:

    Fixed now. All the “Named Ranges” were (somehow) changed so that there was an exclamation mark in front of the name; e.g., “Call” became “!Call”.

    Don’t ask me how.

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