New S&P/TSX Preferred Share Sub-Indices?

I was a little startled to find some new entries on the TMXMoney indices page:

S&P/TSX Preferred Share Current Year Laddered Index ^TXLC 954.15 -0.51 -0.05
S&P/TSX Preferred Share Year 1 Laddered Index ^TXL1 886.44 -0.72 -0.08
S&P/TSX Preferred Share Year 2 Laddered Index ^TXL2 872.91 -0.19 -0.02
S&P/TSX Preferred Share Year 3 Laddered Index ^TXL3 875.73 0.44 0.05
S&P/TSX Preferred Share Year 4 Laddered Index ^TXL4 948.92 0.37 0.04

Clicking the names provides the inclusion criteria – just as one would expect from the names, e.g.:

•Same as the S&P/TSX Preferred Share Laddered Index, except that preferred stocks are restricted to those with reset dates in the current calendar year.

The “methodology” and “fact sheet” buttons lead only to the TXPL methodology and fact sheet.

There are no references to these subindices on S&P’s TXPL web page.

Mr. Google knows nothing about these indices.

So it’s all very mysterious. I suspect that there’s a new ETF family in the works, now that ZPR has attracted $972-million in about sixteen months making every promoter in the country salivate while kicking themselves for not thinking of it first; and I’m sure that the Exchange doesn’t create these things on spec.

The other puzzle is: what useful purpose could these things serve? I would be more interested in a slicing of TXPL by credit quality (investment grade & junk) and Issue Reset Spread (so that the bands were, effectively, ‘likely call’, ‘likely extension’ and ‘maybe’, but I know nothing of sales techniques.

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