CVF.PR.A to be Redeemed

Via CCN Matthews:

Coastal Value Fund (TSX:CVF.PR.A) announced today that it will redeem all of its issued Senior Preferred shares on February 21, 2007 to holders of record on February 20, 2007. The redemption will be made in accordance with the Fund’s articles and results from a retraction of the Capital shares. Shareholders need not take any action relating to the redemption; the Fund’s transfer agent CIBC Mellon will automatically redeem the shares on February 21, 2007 and deposit cash proceeds directly into shareholder’s accounts equal to $25.4125, representing $25.20 per share plus $0.2125 per share representing accrued and unpaid dividends. Post the redemption, the Senior Preferred shares will no long be listed on the TSX.

It closed today at $25.80-25, 2×2, on no volume. Due to its usual low volume, it is not currently included in any of the HIMI Preferred Indices.

More later.

Later, more: From the graph of flatBidPrice, it is apparent that this issue has participated in the excellent returns posted by preferred shares in the last six months. It is also apparent, from the graph of yieldToWorst, that investors have been ignoring the worst-case scenario when investing.

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  1. […] Even after the recent call for redemption of the CVF.PR.A shares (under the same management as DIV.PR.A), people still do these things. If I thought that they were knowingly taking the risk, having explicitly taken a view on the likelihood of redemtption, it wouldn’t bother me so much … but that’s not what I think and I am bothered. […]

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