Seminar Registration Now On-Line

I am pleased to announce an enhancement to the PrefLetter Website.

As previously announced, I will be presenting a series of seminars on Preferred Share investing; each seminar will focus on a particular kind of issue, presenting analytical techniques, indicators for potential trades and current examples. I’ll be looking for feedback regarding topics and approaches of interest … one puzzle, for instance, is what to do about credit analysis. You can’t talk about preferred shares without talking about credit, but how much overlap is acceptable? Will people be more irritated to sit through very similar material at each seminar, or to attend a seminar and then find out they have to attend another one devoted to credit?

Additionally, each seminar will be recorded to video for later distribution (which won’t be free, by the way!).

At any rate, it is now possible to to register and pay online, but note that I will also be taking cash and cheques (but not credit cards) at the door. Tell all your friends!

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