PrefLetter to Accept Subscriptions Next Week

I’ve written about PrefLetter a few times in the past two months and I’m pleased to say that next week it will be going live.

The April edition will be produced in accordance with the announced schedule: recommendations will be based on market conditions as of the close on the second Friday of the month (that’s this coming Friday, the 13th) and will be transmitted to subscribers prior to the opening on Monday 16th.

Except, of course, that there are no subscribers as yet! The website is just going through a few final modifications and until everything is perfect, I’m not going to unveil it. If you have received a sample issue in the past and you want to assure me that you will subscribe as soon as I’ve opened the ticket window, I’ll send you a copy as if you had signed up already.

Credit cards are accepted via secure hosting by Bell Canada with a certificate issued by Network Solutions. Credit Card processing will be handled by Chase Paymentech.

Note that subscribers must either be residents of Ontario or be registered with the Quebec Securities Commission.

Early next week, I’ll be unveiling the website, issuing a press release, commencing Internet advertising and accepting subscriptions. I’ll link to the press release in a post on this blog … so watch this space!

Subscribers may choose any of the following options:

– receive the prior issue immediately for $29 + tax

– receive the next issue upon publication for $29 + tax

– subscribe for a full year of twelve monthly issues commencing with next issue, and receive the prior issue immediately as a bonus, for $185 + tax.

Note that by “immediately”, I mean “immediately”. Prior issues will be sent automatically by eMail upon payment. I will accept cheques, but only for full year subscriptions.

There has been a lot of interest expressed in this venture, and my “practice” issues have been well received. Next week is going to be fun!

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