Split-Share Spread Widening

I briefly mentioned yesterday that split-shares were getting hit this month relative to Operating Retractible issues, so I’ll just post a few things to substantiate that claim.

Comparitive Performance, Month to August 27
Index Value
OpRet 1,020.3 1,023.0 +0.26%
SplitShare 1,046.5 1,037.9 -0.83%

… which seems clear enough.

Additionally, I have uploaded:


2 Responses to “Split-Share Spread Widening”

  1. […] Preferreds had quite a good day, ignoring the stock market and the credit concerns. But it’s always the way! No sooner do I point out what a lousy month the splitShares are having than they have a great day and make up half the difference between their returns and OpRet’s. It’s nice to see, but maybe I should just keep my mouth shut from now on. […]

  2. […] The fund has a large weighting in split-shares, which underperformed this month. The market is currently deeply discounting split shares as a class, as I noted in a post on August 28  […]

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