Wanted: Beta Testers for New Spreadsheet

The December edition of PrefLetter will contain discussion of, and a link to, a spreadsheet that uses Monte Carlo analysis in the assessment of SplitShare Preferreds’ credit quality.

This spreadsheet has been written using MS-Excel 2003. It uses macros and VBA.

The spreadsheet has been tested and provides reasonable numbers, but I’d like to get the opinions of other users prior to release. I am particularly interested in how it runs on different machines.

Those who would like to play with the spreadsheet a little and furnish me with pre-publication comments may eMail me and I will send back a link to the Beta version. Note that the Beta version will no longer be available following publication of PrefLetter.

Note that even questions are valuable to me, as they may point to issues I need to address in the essay accompanying the spreadsheet. Those who provide me with helpful commentary will receive the December, 2010, edition of PrefLetter as a token of my appreciation.

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  1. […] at all today … it’s PrefLetter week! I have been grateful for the response to my request for spreadsheet testers, but the more the merrier! I need comments prior to about 11:59pm Sunday, but the need is there […]

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