CANNEX Annuity Rate Data No Longer Available

CANNEX Annuity Rate Data, formerly published by Canadian Business is no longer being made freely available by any media source of which I am aware.

I have made inquiries and been told that:

Given that you are seeking to publicly distribute our rates, the fee is $550.00 / month.

Sorry, folks, I’m not paying that!

Accordingly, the link to “Annuity Rates” that used to be in the right-hand panel in the group “Quotes (Delayed)” has been deleted.

It’s too bad that Canadian insurance companies don’t compete on price, or all this information would be freely available on their websites. Many thanks to Assiduous Reader BM, who pointed out to me that the link given in my article The Annuity Decision no longer works.

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  1. […] Update, 2011-6-15: Regretably, the link to the publicly available annuity rate information given in the article is no longer operational. […]

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