KSP.UN Downgraded to Pfd-3 by DBRS

Not, perhaps, unequivocally a preferred share, but Kingsway Linked Return of Capital Trust is managed by Scotia Managed Companies and is rated by both S&P and DBRS using their “preferred share scale” … and we all know how dreadfully important the ratings scales are, don’t we? Critically important! Crucially important!

So anyway, DBRS says:

DBRS has today downgraded the LROC Preferred Units (the Units) issued by Kingsway Linked Return of Capital Trust to Pfd-3 from Pfd-3 (high), with a Negative trend. The rating had been placed Under Review with Negative Implications on December 21, 2007.

The Units are supported by an exposure to a note guaranteed by Kingsway Financial Services Inc. and Kingsway America Inc. (collectively, Kingsway) through a forward purchase agreement. The downgrade of the Units is a result of DBRS downgrading the long-term debt ratings of Kingsway on June 6, 2008, to BBB (low) from BBB, with a Negative trend.

The redemption date for the Units will be June 30, 2015.

The issue continues to be rated P-3 by S&P (which rates Kingsway Financial at BB (negative trend) and issues of Kingsway America at BB.

KSP.UN is not tracked by HIMIPref™.

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