BMO.PR.H / BMO.PR.J / BMO Common : Volatile Spread!

I was looking at this today and, not wishing to have done any work without publishing it, decided to pass this along.

And … a comparison with common!

(inspired by a post on FWF)

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  1. […] others! One of these things is not quite the same! This is a very sloppy market. I have noted the volatility of the BMO.PR.H / BMO.PR.J spread previously. BMO.PR.H has – just now – been deleted from the TXPR index, so that might – might! – […]

  2. […] has seven issues of preferreds on the Toronto exchange: the PerpetualDiscounts BMO.PR.H, BMO.PR.J, BMO.PR.K & BMO.PR.L and the FixedResets BMO.PR.M (+165), BMO.PR.N (+383) & […]

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