HIMIPref™ Release : 2006-11-17

There’s a new release of HIMIPref™ available for download at the usual place.

If you choose to install this upgrade, please, PLEASE remember to back-up your user data prior to re-installation! It is NOT stored on the server, it exists on the client machine only!

There is no absolute necessity for Institutional users to install the new version – any old version that worked yesterday will continue to work today. There is the consideration that, in the unlikely event that (i) You find a bug, and (ii) the effect of this bug is different in the two versions, it will be much easier track down the error if we’re all singing from the same hymnbook.
Improvements in this release are:

  • The two problems noted in the announcement of the previous release have been fixed.
  • There was a problem with the printing of the reportSummary that would occasionally cause truncation. The reportSummary would occasionally not print, or even announce the existence of, the final partial page of the report. Not only has this truncation error been fixed, but I now have a deeper and more vivid understanding of my horror when programming printing under Microsoft Foundation Classes for Windows and C++.
  • Still with the report summary: if curvePrice is being reported and right-clicked to bring up the curveCalculationContextMenu you may choose to get the cashFlowDiscountingAnalysisBox. If you then click the “OptionDetails” button, you will get the optionCashFlowAnalysisBox. If you then click the “Replacement Cash Flows” button, you will then get another cashFlowDiscountingAnalysisBox with (this is the clever bit) all of the replacement cash flows, not just the replacement cash flows for the chronologically first option.

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