Research: BAs or BDNs

Bankers’ Acceptances or Bearer Deposit Notes? What’s safer? What’s the difference?

This article was a long time in the making; I made interim notes in the post Seniority of Bankers’ Acceptances and republished a paper from the BoC Review, The Evolution of Bankers’ Acceptances in Canada.

Look for the research link!

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  1. […] hiring many experienced compliance personnel at fat salaries. The whole thing is laughable: it is impossible to determine whether domestic banks’ BAs are junior, senior or pari passu with BDNs, but this lack of […]

  2. […] Covered Bonds were last discussed in the post US Covered Bond Legislation Moving Forward. A previous article discussed the question of BAs or BDNs: What’s the Difference?. […]

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