IAG.PR.C Meets Hostile Reception

Industrial Alliance has announced:

Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (“Industrial Alliance” or the “Company”) announced today the successful completion of a Canadian public offering of 4 million of Non-Cumulative 5-Year Rate Reset Class A Preferred Shares Series C (the “Series C Preferred Shares”) from Industrial Alliance for sale to the public at a price of $25.00 per preferred share, representing aggregate gross proceeds of $100 million.

The offering was underwritten by a syndicate of investment dealers led by Scotia Capital Inc. The Series C Preferred Shares commence trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange today under the symbol IAG.PR.C.

It would appear that no additional shares were sold by way of the greenshoe noted in the original announcement

The issue traded 115,300 shares in a range of 23.90-40, indicating that at least some of the issue made it off the underwriter’s shelves. It closed at 23.80-90, 100×4.

At the bid price, the YTW is 6.38% based on a Canada Five-Year rate of 2.57% and a limitMaturity. The “5-Year Yield” is 7.38%, based on a hoped for, but currently unlikely, call at par 2014-1-30.

The perpetual, IAG.PR.A, closed at 12.75-71 to yield 9.26% based on the bid price of 12.75 and a limitMaturity (yield from the ask is 8.54%). However you slice it, the spread vs. the straight is well over 200bp. Given that the 5-to-Long spread on Canadas is currently about 150bp I’d say the spreads between the straight perpetual yield and the Fixed-Reset’s Yield to Worst (not the five-year-call-yield) should be 100bp absolute maximum, and – I’m guessing, I can’t point to any analysis here and suspect that any such analysis would be … er … suspect – probably more like 60bp.

So, to me, these are still expensive. But I was saying that last spring and then look what happened!

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