FCN.PR.A / FCF.PR.A / FCI.PR.A / FIG.PR.A Merger Reflected on TSX

As noted earlier, all approvals for this merger were received. The merger has now been reflected on the TSX and FIG.PR.A is the continuing symbol. reorgDataEntries have been processed for each of the exchanges effected:

Continuing Ticker : FIG.PR.A
Ticker Security Code
FCN.PR.A B35002
FCF.PR.A B35001
FCI.PR.A B35000
Continuing Code : B39000


6,700 shares of FIG.PR.A traded today in a range of $10.01-15. The closing quotation was $10.05-10, 20×50. The TSX is now reporting 17,464,308 shares of this issue outstanding – quite a nice size for an interest bearing split share.

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